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Phil Murphy as America's Next Ambassador to Germany?

The US embassies in Berlin, London, Brussels, and Paris still lack ambassadors. President Obama is taking his time to screen all candidates after the trouble with the nominations of various secretaries. It now seems that he would like to announce his choice for all four embassies prior to his visit to Germany and France on June 5-6, 2009.

"The Germany posting looks to be going to former investment banker Phil Murphy, national finance chairman of the Democratic National Committee, who's oft credited with turning around the party's fundraising operation, " says Washington Post columnist Al Kamen, but does not write much about Murphy. Spiegel (in German) has more information about the first (and positive) reactions from Germany to these "targeted leaks." Murphy used to work for Goldman Sachs in Frankfurt.

And Murphy is also on the Board of Directors of the US Soccer Foundation (HT: David). His knowledge of soccer will help him to win friends in Germany and improve German-American relations to unprecedented levels. At least, let's hope so.


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Pat Patterson on :

Are you implying that the next German Ambassador to the United States of America should be knowledgeable about baseball and that relations would improve as a result? The fact that Mr Murphy is on the board of the USSF indicates that he is not averse to continue shoveling other people's money on something that continues to reside in the can't miss category long after everyone else has give up.

Omar on :

Up until 2006 used to work for Goldman Sachs in leading positions. How comforting!

Marie Claude on :

Are the Chineses giving us some advices here ? Already ! LMAO Dear celeste friend, Sarkozy's party will win the next EU elections, it doesn't matter if any orientated polls are saying he is not liked in France, he would be reelected with more voices today than in 2007

John in Michigan, USA on :

General advice: don't feed the trolls. That is all.

Pat Patterson on :

But it's as addictive as Whack-a-Mole and not nearly as tiring. Still good advice.

Dons on :

But it's as addictive as Whack-a-Mole and not nearly as tiring. Still good advice. COMMENT_DELETED

Don S on :

Yup, good guess, moderator. Dons is not Don S. Someone is stealing our board names and publishing crap.

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