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American Success in Iraq Shuts Europe Up

"If someone had said two years ago that the US would have largely withdrawn its forces from Iraqi cities by now, he would have been called naive," writes German journalist Christoph Suess. Europeans did not believe that the Iraqis would be able to handle their own security so soon. They (we) "completely ignored all successes on the ground" and "did not want to confess that maybe the US did in fact achieve something in Iraq."

Read his op-ed on American Success in Iraq Shuts Europe Up.


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Pat Patterson on :

Why should the Europeans offer any belated atta boys when a sizeable number of Americans are doing the same thing. The war was wrong, the tactics and strategy was wrong, not withdrawing was wrong, etc. It's take a touching amount of faith to expect even slightest recognation that the war appears to be won and that GWB made it possible but not giving up. Europe hasn't suddenly lost its voice because the successes in Iraq, even if covered, always have a tinge of unreality to them. And why should there be a public acknowledgement when the result is not on the nightly news and often appears to complicated for the stringers and talking heads to talk about what is happening.

Pat Patterson on :

Sorry, that was the worst piece of prose I have ever written. Or if it isn't please don't find something worse.

Pamela on :

O my god. It is to laugh. " They did not want to confess that maybe the US did in fact achieve something in Iraq. This wilful ignorance is bad for transatlantic relations. It does not allow for corrections in the assessment of past events: who was wrong and who was right? Maybe both were wrong and right at the same time?" ----------- When was the last time Europe wanted to confess that the U.S. achieved anything? The fact that willful ignorance is bad for transatlanctic relations has done nothing to deter Europe's determined - not to say stubborn - willful ignorance. And no, we were not both wrong and right at the same time. The US was right. And I do not say that because 'we won'. I'm not persuaded that we have. I think that may be the wrong way to view the situation (more on that later). ------------ " The US and Europe should be wise and cooperate!" How old is this moron? Define 'cooperate'. Should 'European' troops actually - like you know - fight? Or should the US taxpayer shell out for beer for them? Or maybe the 'Europeans' should talk to the Lithuanians and the Ukranians. We're all in Afghanistan now and I think the 'Europeans' are still trying to figure out how to grab their collective ass with both hands while asking someone - anyone - to hold up a mirror for them. -------------- This whole article reeks of the body odor of someone who just figured out that once again he's on the losing side and is trying to figure out how to best suck up. Well, you know what? Iraq may still still descend into the darkness. But that will be on the Iraqis - although 'Europeans', I'm sure will castigate the US for leaving too soon or something. But there is good news. Afghanistan. It will be interesting to watch the 'European' dynamic on that theater. Blame Bush for sucking resources from that theater to Iraq - and if Iraq does actually fail, it would be a two-fer par excellence - or declare Afghanistan the 'graveyard of Empires' because this is Obama's war and he inherited the thing and did the best he could but history is inexorable and Obama has apologized for everything and it's not his fault and everybody knows the Empire of America is going the way of Rome so of course 'Europeans' would not invest blood and treasure in such a losing proposition. I wish there were such a thing as a 'European' language. Not just French or German or Italian or whatever. I want a word for 'disgrace' that sticks to anyone and everyone who thinks and uses 'European' as though it denotes something that actually exists. Oh. Wait. Let's go get the guys in Brussels and give 'em some uniforms and guns. No ammo, tho.

Zyme on :

"But there is good news. Afghanistan. It will be interesting to watch the 'European' dynamic on that theater."

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