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Iraq War Enhances US Image as a Colonial Power?

Joe Klein in Time Magazine:

Our attempt to construct an Iraq more amenable to our interests will end no better than the previous attempts by Western colonial powers. Even if something resembling democracy prevails, the U.S. invasion and occupation will not be remembered fondly by Iraqis. We will own the destruction in perpetuity; if the Iraqis manage to cobble themselves a decent society, they will see it, correctly, as an achievement of their own.

There are other consequences of this profound misadventure. The return of the Taliban in Afghanistan is certainly one. If U.S. attention hadn't been diverted from that primary conflict, the story in the Pashtun borderlands might be very different now. The sense of the U.S. as a repository of tempered, honorable actions may never recover from the images of the past decade, especially the photographs from Abu Ghraib prison. The idea that it was our right and responsibility to rid Iraq of a terrible dictator - after the original casus belli of weapons of mass destruction evaporated - turned out to be a neocolonialist delusion. 

The US is now seen as a former colonial power just like France and Britain? Is a more positive legacy of the Iraq war imaginable?


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Pamela on :

Joe Klein? Time Magazine? Yawn

Joe Noory on :

I'm sure that like much of the left, Klein need pictures of dead Americans to feel any sense of gravitas - that sense that even in their arthritic years, that they're "rebels". The misadventure would have been NOT containing the global jihad and Iran by keeping them VERY BUSY on their home turf, and not in downtown Chicago, or downtown Munich, or NOT deposing a nation-state like Saddam's Iraq disposed to alignment's that would enable al queda copycat actions on a level that would be ubiquitous on the region. By the way, the region includes Europe. I would be teaching you how to pronounce "t'islamu" and all manner of other friendly, deferential terms should the only other option had been to find some "accommodation", y'know, "half way", in the interest of a bunch of mindless pap like fake intercultural understanding that no-one to your east really cares about. Our jobs is to become servile for the sake of their egos, and sense of superiority over others. In that sense the Jihadists are doing what European intellectuals are forever thinking - of a megalomaniacal glory for themselves, and of a litany of strange, imaginary humiliations that they have endured. All they would really need to do if they wanted to commit suicide, though, is to jump from their egos down to their IQs.

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