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Germany's Embarrassing Policy on Iran

Never has Germany been more isolated, wrote Former Foreign Minister Fischer regarding Berlin's position on Libya. The Merkel-Westerwelle government alienates our Western allies with its dealings with Iran as well. Apparently, Germany's foreign and economic ministries agreed to let India pay 9 billion euro to Iran via Germany's central bank.

The United States had pressured India's central bank to end previous business transactions with Iran via an Asian bank. Now Germany's government appears to be undermining these sanctions. India gets about 15 percent of its crude oil imports from Iran. Sources in German: Handelsblatt and Zeit. In English: New York Times.

According to Spiegel International the stands in connection to the release of two German journalists from Iran.

Are Germany and India new best buddies? Both abstained in the UN Security Council on Libya.

Dialog International writes about "The Westerwelle Doctrine", which "would seem to dictate that Germany will seek out different international partners depending on how the domestic winds are blowing.  Germany is happy to align with the US and Great Britain, as long as it doesn't require the use of force or the commitment of resources.  Otherwise it will join with Russia, Brazil or India." wonders how Germany can repair the damage to its international reputation and convince voters of the right course at the same time. Foreign policy makers and experts in Germany and around the world criticize Germany's position on Libya. However the majority of Germans seem to approve it.  Any ideas?

UPDATE (April 5, 2011): AP: "A plan for India to funnel oil payments to Iran through Germany's central bank at a time when Tehran faces international sanctions has been scrapped, a German government official said Tuesday."


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Marie Claude on :

Elect a true politician, not a Hausfrau that is mainly preocupated by her domestic agenda !

Marie Claude on :

and that's not the only virtous action that Germany undertakes vs EU or UN recommandations:

Joerg on :

Here a bit more info on this story, which smells like another sanctions busting scheme: "The German Bundestag has released a document that details the government's payments for a military base in Uzbekistan during a period of EU sanctions against Tashkent, RFE/RL's Uzbek Service reports. A German government document states that from 2005-09, Berlin increased its annual payments to the Uzbek government and paid a total of 67.9 million euros ($95.6 million) for use of the military base in the southern Uzbek city of Termez."

Marie Claude on :

Joerg I don't recognize Germany since the beginning of 2010, or is it that she finally show her true face ! The german population is manipulated

Joerg Wolf on :

MC, what do you think has changed since the beginning of 2010? Has something in particular happened that is the reason why don't recognize Germany? Re "German population is manipulated" Well, I don't think anyone is directly manipulating the people. The problem in my opinion is that the people don't care about foreign policy. Even the so-called elite does not recognize any risks to our security, except nuclear power and climate change. I think we are where the United States was ten years ago prior to 9/11. That explains why someone like Guido W. could become foreign minister.

Marie Claude on :

"Even the so-called elite does not recognize any risks to our security, except nuclear power and climate change" That's right ! Well I have the feeling that Germany, on the other hand, wants to play solo in EU, and takes some distances from the EU integration chimera, and from the Atlantic alliance, thus appears more on Moscow policy line for pragmatic reasons.

Pat Patterson on :

The article also points out that the payments were not prohibited by the EU sanctions. What then is the issue?

John in Michigan, US on :

How should one interpret [url=]the recent announcement from EUFOR[/url]? Hit Tip: Commenter Dr. Ting Shiang Lee.

Marie Claude on :

a difficult reaction with forcepts to the Libian humanitarian problem, with many administrative levels anyway it's better late than nothing !

John in Michigan, US on :


Marie Claude on :

Cathy jette l’éponge EUFOR Libya : une opération « ŕ la demande ». Quelques détails !

Zyme on :

I must have missed the embarrassing part in the deal? Judging from the outcry of the old fashioned transatlantic romantics, everything is going well in our current foreign policy :-) Maybe the (new / old) motto is: Viel Feind', viel Ehr'!

David on :

Germany in the Merkel/Westerwelle era: "ökonomischer Riese, politscher Zwerg."

Joerg Wolf on :

Yep, it the same as with Chancellor Kohl, who governed with the Liberal Democrats as well until 1998.

Zyme on :

The dwarf always moves in the shadow of its bigger brothers. Only by going new ways, we can gain actual influence again.

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