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Why is the NY Times so interested in Berlin?

It seems that Germany has become super important for the United States. At least I got the impression that the NYT is featuring my country more prominently these days. Alas, not in foreign policy. Rather on sexism, swabian separatists, comedians, and "creative types":

1. Today: "Germany's Sexism Provokes Backlash" by Melissa Eddy and Chris Cottrell. A serious topic, which is very popular on Twitter at the moment.

2. Eleven days ago: "Swabian Separatists Fling Spätzle to Make a Point" by Nicholas Kulish:

Separatists have escalated a growing conflict in the heart of the German capital. Their weapons of choice were delicious egg noodles, their victim a woman made of bronze. A statue of the artist and activist Käthe Kollwitz was defaced with the southern German specialty known as spätzle, the latest episode in an escalating quarrel between Berliners and German migrants from Swabia, a region just west of Munich. A group calling itself Free Swabylon claimed responsibility on Tumblr, calling for an autonomous Swabian district in Berlin, to be known as Swabylon.

3. Just before Christmas, the NYT profiled Cindy from Marzahn: "An Accidental Comedian of the People

4. This article from an Australian musician was also shared a lot: 'In Berlin, You Never Have to Stop': "In the end, the city's lifestyle, with all its distractions, outweighed our aspirations and our will to succeed."

And it's not just the NYT that is monitoring Germany very closely. Seattle PI has this AP story today: "Search is on for golden cookie stolen in Germany" Apparently Sesame's cookie monster is a suspect.


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