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Atlantic Review Receives the Fulbright Association's Mulert Award

Many organizations give awards to prominent people, who have already received dozens in the past. Sometimes it seems the purpose is not to honor the recipient of the award, but to use his or her fame to shine a light on the organization that is bestowing the award. Many also combine the awards ceremony with a fundraising dinner.

Not so the German Fulbright Alumni Association, which awarded the Mulert Award on Mutual Understanding 2015 to this blog. I will keep you post regarding the project that I will implement. 

The new layout with responsive design for tablets and smartphones was a first step, but I still need to work out a few kinks. Stay tuned.

Recent Fulbright related posts:

In 2006 I started a directory of Fulbright Alumni initiatives for the greater good, because I got fed up with so many descriptions of the Fulbright program that mention the number of presidents, prime ministers, Nobel laureates, and Pulitzer price winners. The greatness of the Fulbright program goes far beyond boosting the career of talented individuals. Due to time constraints, I did not maintain that directors, unfortunately. The effects of the program also go beyond creating NGOs and volunteering. I should write a longer post about it later.


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