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If the US Presidential Candidates Would Run for Office in Europe

Wouldn't it be best for the United States if Hillary Clinton would be the Republican nominee and Bernie Sanders the Democratic nominee?
Certainly the US would then be more like Germany and other European countries for better or worse...

Bernie Sanders would make a great Social Democrat in Europe, one with a business friendly attitude towards small and medium seized entreprises.  Hillary Clinton could be center-left Conservative, more business-friendly than Angela Merkel.

Trump is like a nationalist on the left/right fringes of the party spectrum, popular among economically insecure, political ignorant folks who long for authoritarian leaders. Such voters exist in US and in Europe.

If only Germany had politicians that can inspire... Bernie is a much better speaker than Siggi, who is leader of the Social Democrats in Germany (Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel). And Hillary is a better speaker than Angela.

Local US activists produce better campaign videos for free than the ad agencies do in Germany for a lot of money curtesy of the taxpayer. Damn it.

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