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Fulbright Blogs

Updated: September 27th, 2006

This is a list of blogs written by Fulbright Alumni and current Fulbright grantees and sorted by the geographic location of the authors.

If you are a Fulbrighter and would like to see your blog in this list or if you know a great blog run by a Fulbrighter, please leave a comment at the end of this post or send an email to A link to the Atlantic Review in return would be appreciated.

United States

Jane Norton is a Fulbright Alumna from New Zealand. She was an Associate-in-Law teaching legal writing and research at Columbia Law School while completing her LLM and is now completing her academic training at a law firm in Manhattan.

Informed Comment - Thoughts on the Middle East, History, and Religion is one of the most read and respected blogs about Iraq and authored by Juan Cole, Professor of History at the University of Michigan and Fulbright Alumnus.

Zaineb Alani accepted a Fulbright scholarship in 1996 to study Education at Ohio State University.  She currently resides in Columbus, Ohio. She has forty extended family members who still reside in Iraq.  She writes about her "personal life observations" in The Revelations of an Immigrant.

US Fulbrighter Rosanna Brillantes-Meyer conducted research on the normally secretive shamanistic healers and sorcerers of Siquijor island, Philippines. In Shamans of Siquijor, she writes about her challenging journey to meet the "metaphysical hitmen," and the making of the documentary films on the two groups.

Eric Howard was a U.S. Fulbright Grantee to Germany in environmental management in 1989. He blogs for the Fulbright Academy of Science & Technology, which he has founded and runs as executive director.

Jiří Harajda is Czech Fulbrighter, who teaches ESL and American Literature at a high school in Los Angeles, California.

Rob Scaife is a graduate student in Orlando, Florida, and is soon starting his Fulbright in Vienna, Austria. He calls his blog Radio Free Europe.

• Mongkol is a Cambodian Fulbrighter at Boston University. 

The Atlantic Review is a press digest on transatlantic affairs edited by three German Fulbright Alumni in Seattle, Hamburg and Berlin.

North and South America
Carolyn Tory Harper is a US Fulbright Scholar in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and blogs about her Fulbright Adventures.

• Michelle in Mexico is a "A personal diary of my Fulbright experience"
studying music and fine arts.

Can you recommend another blog by a Fulbrighter living in the Americas (excluding the US in this case)?


• Ethan Lindsey is a radio journalist from Los Angeles and currently a Fulbrighter in Berlin for 2006/2007.

• Michael Scott Moore is Fulbright journalist starting September 2006. He has been blogging at Radio Free Mike from Berlin for a long time.

The Atlantic Review is a press digest on transatlantic affairs edited by three German Fulbright Alumni

Andrew Curry is "a 2005-2006 Fulbright Journalism Fellow in Germany and a freelance writer covering culture, history and international issues a variety of publications."

  Ada Abroad chronicles the life of an American Fulbright Alumna in Muenster, Germany.

Rocko is an American Fulbrighter, who teaches English in Germany in 2005/2006 and blogs at Schicksal Gemeinschaft.

Dr. Thomas Navin Lal studied Mathematics, Computer Science, and Music as a Fulbrighter at Brown University in 2001/2002. In 2003 Dr. Shiva Kambari and Dr. Lal founded the initiative ThinkPeace.

Alaina in Göttingen, Germany blogs about Life, the Universe, and Everything.

Middle East
  Israeli Politics is the work of Raphael Cohen-Almagor, Israeli Fulbright Alumnus and Professor at The University of Haifa. He writes about "events in the Middle East in general and in Israel in particular."

Syria Comment is authored by Prof. Joshua Landis, a Fulbright Scholar in Damaskus. His frequently updated blog is one of the most read English news sources about Syrian politics and related US policy and his often quoted in the US mass media. 

  Curiousity in a Kingdom is a group blog by three American Fulbrighters "sharing their experiences, ideas and tips on Jordanian life." The three also run their individual websites: Jim Korpi, Elisabeth Page and Will Raynolds

Tales from Qatar is run by US Fulbrighter Brendan Geary.

  body on the line is authored by Prof. Marcy Newman, a US Fulbright Scholar in Amman, Jordan.

  Mary C. Joyce, Fulbright U.S. Student Fellow 2004-2005, is still based in Rabat, Morocco, and tracks digital democracy around the world in DemoBlog.

Kristin is a Fulbright Felllow in Osaka, Japan.

Kenny 'n Kobe, Japan.

Annie Johnson in Seoul, South Korea, blogs about Heart & Seoul.

•  Katie is in Bangladesh and blogs in Jiggety Jig "proving that even small town life can be interesting."

Can you recommend a blog by a Fulbrighter living in Africa?

Australia & Oceania
Can you recommend a blog by a Fulbrighter living in Australia and or somewhere in the South Pacific?


This blog, the Atlantic Review, has a special category for Fulbright Related News and maintaines a directory of special Fulbright Projects.


Atlantic Review on : Fulbrighter Runs Marathon for a Good Cause

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Australian Fulbrighter Eliza Matthews will be participating in the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington DC on October 29, 2006. You can sponsor her Marathon: Did you know that more than one million Americans, and 40 million others around the world, are liv


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Rosemary on :

I may know someone in Africa, but they are mostly concern with the Darfur situation. It is a human rights group that I get much information from to write on one of my other sites. Please try: The name is The Passion of the Present, and they are truly good troopers. Have a nice day.

Rosemary on :

[url]href="">The Passion of the Present[/url] Sorry. I forgot about the URL being different than I'm used to doing links. :)

Joshua Landis on :

Many thanks for this useful list and for including me in it. Best, Joshua Landis

Rob Scaife on :

Thanks for the add! I assure you that this page will be more serious in the coming days. :) Look soon for which will pertain more to my research. Cheers! Rob

Mongkol on :

Thanks a great deal for listing me here.. But, just wanna correct some info about me a bit. I am studying at Boston College, not Boston University. :) I am so pleased to know that lots of other Fulbrighters are bloggers.

Erica Morehouse on :

I am a fulbrighter in Malawi, Southern Africa, my blog is

Ritchie on :

I'm a Fulbrighter from the U.S. in Canada. I have blog on my research at and one on my related thoughts at

Ramon on :

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Gulsah Arıcan on :

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Tran Ngoc Thinh on :

Hi all, My name is Tran Ngoc Thinh. I am a Vietnamese Fulbrighter for Academic Year 2009-2011. I just start my blog at Wordpress to gather experiences of Vietnamese Fulbrighters. I hope this Vietnam Fulbright's weblog will help other Vietnameses to be a Fulbrighter in the future. It's great to share. You can visit my weblog at: Best wishes, Thinh

bschedneck on :

Hello, Thank you for keeping this list of Fulbright blogs. I would like to add mine to the Asia list. This link is my blog about Fulbright sponsored research in Thailand. Thanks! -Brooke Schedneck

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