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Germany Sends Country Band to Eurovision Song Contest

Germans voted for the country band Texas Lightning to represent Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday. 39 European countries (including Israel) participate. The contest will take place in Athens. Some 300 million people watch it (incl. online) and millions cast their votes nationally by phone. Announcing the votes takes ages and is a comical must-see. Texas Lightning's song "No No Never" about never leaving a partner has been in top of the German charts and is better than most of Germany's previous Eurovision Song Contest contributions.
This should give some food for thought to those who think that Germans dislike cowboys, country music and Texas.
The band is based in Hamburg in the North of Germany. The song was written and is sung by Jane Comerford, who was born in Australia, but has lived in Hamburg for 25 years and teaches music at Hamburg University.
Texas Lightning's bilangual homepage contains much more information. Youtube has the video.
UPDATE: Due to popular demand here are the links to their CD at and
UPDATE: Texas Lightning only got the 15th place. Unfortunately, Europeans prefered the horror rockers from Finnland.


Pursuit of Serenity on : Q: Why do you hate us, Europe?

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Being confronted with the kind of work load, I always wished to be buried under, blogging was light again lately. I should have blogged about Darfur, Angela "the Miracle" Merkel's visit to China, the 40th anniversary of the Cultural Revolution and yes, immigration again, but well...Maybe tomorrow. (If you've ever been to China, you are probably used to this phrase.)


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doll on :

Great post and some good news on a bad day!

beth on :

Hey ... thanks for coming by my blog. I am enjoying reading yours. I didn't know German's liked country music and cowboys. My son is in Germany (Bavaria)right now and I've been trying to learn German (with very little success! - but I'm still trying - my Southern mouth just won't make some of those sounds!). German cowboys - who would've thought! lol Good luck to them at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Jake Jacobsenj on :

That's some pretty darn good country. I'm not sure why you thought I was in Texas, I live in Chicago, but all's well that ends well as I enjoy country music immensely! I wish them well in the contest as well, I may just have to pick up their CD.

Jorg on :

I saw you blog on the Texas Blogroll at GM's Corner. We have organized [url=]German-American Carnivals[/url] with George. Good news, you can actually get their CD in the US, for examle at [url=]Amazon (direct link)[/url]

Cowtown Pattie on :

Jorg, Interesting sound - do I imagine a faint polka beat in the background? *grin* Looks like Texas Lightning is a popular band! One thing I might point out - Texas C&W is often quite different from Nashville. You might enjoy this link:

Marian Wirth on :

I like the song. It's doesn't come as a surprise they didn't suceed, though. My take:

ava on :

Hey check out the new Mas Que Nada and Mad about the boy single sung by the amazing white reggae singer Ava Leigh which is also available on I Tunes.

ernesto on :

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